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Yessler Terrace in Seattle

The funkiest soul I know, my good buddy Lila Kitaef, is working out in Seattle as a media producer/activist/educator. She has a cool video piece about housing development and how it affects those on public assistance in Seattle. I only wish I was this informed about my own local housing scene here in Saint Paul, MN. I will have to do some homework and see what I can find out about my own fair city's public housing issues. But this is exactly the type of thinking that great indy media like this forces me to do. I simply don't find myself getting as intellectually involved watching the local news crap-posé after 15 min. of sports and weather.

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Miles of tounges

Over at flickr, there is a this guy with a huge gallery of photos of tongues. It is fascinating. At first I was pretty sure they were all the same person but then I realized that there were pages and pages of this stuff (675 photos) all from lots of different people. So interesting. It makes me want to set up my tripod and take a bunch of pictures of my tongue.

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film goat is born

film goat - My pals, Joe, Julie, Kathie, and I are starting a film criticism website. It is still a little fledgling creature right now but will soon be bounding about across wide fields of glory.

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City Museum

Wow, the City Museum looks like it is about the coolest place on earth. Think, giant interactive building size sculpture. Complete with a giant ball pit, an indoor cave, and a jungle gym to rival a wookie tree city, I think I could live here. Which interestingly enough, you could! They have condos on site. Well, I

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Wash your hands

Picture of My Bathroom

Technology often offers up new concepts that likely wouldn't have existed before simply because they were hard to do. Digital cameras make it easier to do weird photo projects and the Internet makes it easier to do weird rating projects. That’s right rating projects. Most public places can be found on some website already rating them for the quality of their food, their seating, their ambiance, their value. The website, “Restroom ratings”, takes it to a new level. On the web it is easy to build a simple site where the community of the world can rate public facilities on the how cool their restrooms are. What a genius idea. They even have my place of employment, The Science Museum of Minnesota, rated. I want to post a rating of my own bathroom but alas it is hardly a public place.

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"Happy Easter" Island

Landsat Satelite Photo of Easter Island

While I don't go in for the religious aspects of this "holy" day very much, NASA's easter related web ephemera struck me as quite interesting.

I never really put two and two together to understand that Easter Island (aka Rapa Nui) was named that because the Dutch stumbled upon it, Easter Day 283 years ago. Rapa Nui is an amazing place that speaks to the nature of human's amazing ability to change their environment. People probably first arrived on the island between 400 and 700 C.E. by sail-canoe from somewhere in the west (probably Polynesia not India according to recent DNA evidence). Most researchers think that huge numbers of trees would be required to build and move the giant statues that dot the island. Unfortunately our species of two legged primates aren't so good with restraint. These ancient inhabitants got carried away with the statues forcing them to deforest the entire island, causing a massive eco-system crash, civil wars, starvation, and total isolation (no more canoes). So much for the noble savage.

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Perfect Music Visualization

Frame from Giant Steps Animation

Michael Levy, an animation student/alumni at the Bezalel academy of Arts and Design in Jerusalem, Israel has produced one of the most amazing visualizations of music I have seen in a while. I love getting a glimpse at how other people see music. This is just that; it's as if we are watching an avant-garde CT scan of his brain while he listens to John Coltrane's Giant Steps. It's wonderful.

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Gran Turismo Eats Weekend Alive

Sometime this week I was lured into the video game store to get the latest in the Gran Turismo series for the Play Station. I loved my old Gamecube and miss the cast of Nintendo great but this game is the essence of why I will never go without a Playstation again. Sony just beats all hands down on the super realistic simulator games.

The key word here is simulation. Gran Turismo 4 is a simulator in the best sense. It is hard to get even barely decent at the slowest of cars.

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Absurdist Video Fun

Artist, Tom Sachs has some wonderful videos on his website. My favorite is a funny little piece about racing cars. Whoever does the narration or these videos (Mr. Sachs?) has a soothing voice that borders on unreal when mixed with the content of the videos.

This video reminds me of a story. Here is Saint Paul, there is the giant underground railroad parts supply store near the Midway. I went down there one day to find out when I could come watch some dudes race their sweet little tiny racers. They said the schedule was pretty sporadic, but then saw a little gleam in their eye. The two of them tag-teamed me, talking a mile a minute about how I needed to get involved racing tiny model cars and how much fun it would be. "Join us!" I barely escaped with my sneakers in tact.

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Penne Pasta with Red Pepper Sauce and Broccoli

This recipe is quickly becoming one of my favorite standby pasta dishes. It doesn't require too much prep and is seriously tasty. It manages to be a great cheese pasta without being too rich. From the Vegetarian Planet by Didi Emmons.

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Highlight on the Slaughterhouse Industry

The NYTimes has a great editorial reminding us of one of the most important victims of our meaty society: workers! One of the main reasons I am a vegetarian is because of the nasty effects this lifestyle imposes upon other human beings. While I don't really think we should all go Vegan by any means, working toward better working conditions for the already over-exploited immigrant labor community would be a wonderful step. But with consolidation in the industry causing problems all over the place, I can't say I am too optimistic.

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Wishlist : Edison Cylinder Kit

I want this super cool looking Edison Cylinder kit. I say "looking" because I can't read a word of the text since it is all in Japanese. They seem to have a much larger adult invention community than here in the US. For only $35.56 it looks like a bargain.

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Welcome Back

Well at least for the time being, mysteryexperience is back. I figured that if I kept trying to get things perfect before I went live, I would never have anything up. So keep in mind that this is a work in progress and is a little bit rough around the edges at the moment. But this will change soon.