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Another amazing batch of shirts from the Imaginary Foundation

Stripey TStripey TOoh ooh. I want this shirt so bad. Wouldn't it just fit so well with my website design? But they are out of stock. Head on over and check out the new Imaginary Foundation t-shirt designs anyways.

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Guitar Hero is fun...hard

I stayed late at work today to try out Guitar Hero, which we are setting up for a party later in the week. Wow, I know I am arriving late to this party, but that game is super fun. However, I was amazed at how poorly I preformed playing the "instrument." I've never really learned how to play a real instrument and this helps remind me why. But I sure did feel like a rock star bopping along on Easy to Franz Ferdinad's 'Take Me Out'.

Check out this amazing player showing how it's done on Expert mode:

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New album from the Stooges

The Stooges recorded a new album due out soon and the NY Times has a great video interview with these guys on their process. My favorite moment in the interview is when Iggy Pop likens him self to a rap artist. Steve Albini makes a brief cameo.

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Social tech through my years

I am spending most of this lazy day uploading old photos to flickr. It get's me wondering if I will be able to look back on my life in 20 years via all these social technologies. I've been addicted to these online communities for some time and am constantly exploring new ones.

Here is a loose history.

  • Compuserve - My dad had it for stock trades but I searched for info on space and astronauts
  • BBS - I would wait for the new computer weekly to come out and dial up the cool new buliteen boards on my 28.8l modem. This was the first time I saw how this could be a real community and a way to meet unique people and get turned on to new ideas.
  • Prodigy - This was my frist taste of the web but it kinda sucked and was to simplified
  • The web - When we finally got a normal internet connection I spent hours the first night reading posts on the Bjork buliteen boards. This was the first place I made an online profile. I was a sad little crushed out bjork fanatic.
  • Then there was a big gap, where the web was pretty one direction for me.
  • Friendster - There was that time when you couldn't go to a party without someone talking about it.
  • Flickr
  • MySpace
  • Twitter
  • Many more

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Film/Culture blog from Kathie Smith

My pal Kathie Smith has started a film and culture blog that is off to a great start. Check out this super knowledgeable perspective on local cinema and art happenings.

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Penny Postcards

Penny postcards is a cute site where you can send ol' timey postcards as emails. I wish I knew more about the postcards themselves.

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Throbbing Gristle are back

Throbbing Gristle part 2 endless notThrobbing Gristle part 2 endless not

Throbbing Gristle are releasing a new album! These guys are one of my favorite innovators and I can safely say a ton of the music I like wouldn't exist without their driving sound. I really wish I lived in SF, NY, or London, to get to see one of these film premiers of RE~TG at the Astoria Theatre, London 2004, their first ever reunion concert.

I'll be keeping my comeback f

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Mythbusters run in

During my blissful vacation in San Fran I was excited to stumble onto the cool taxidermy, landscaping, entomology store/workshop space, Paxton's Gate. I was already excited to find this place but then nearly lost it when a film crew from my favorite TV show, Mythbusters, wandered in followed by Grant Imahara.

They were filming a segment involving a taxidermy cat, a guard dog, and some sort of animatronic skeleton. I got to walk through the scene for a second so maybe I will be in the show.

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Morphing whiteboard animation

Another amazing time-lapse/stop-motion animation. This short film is by Kristofer Strom.

What a great idea to do animation on a white board. We've done some classes where we use magnets on a white board to do stop motion animation but somehow hadn't thought up the idea to use the markers....duh!

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Brian Eno paleontologist

Who knew? Brian Eno studied paleontology through graduate school. One of our writers on Science Buzz stumbled on this story about Eno identifying a dinosaur tooth on a fan's necklace at a recent conference.

I always love any connection between music and science and its cool to hear about a geological background to one of my favorite all time artists. This puts his album Before and After Science in a whole new light.

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Which Bryan Kennedy do you like better

Like any vain internet nerd I google my own name all the time. A google search for Bryan Kennedy brings us varied results. But, after digging through a couple political candidates and a crappy Irish songwriter we find the other web focused Bryan Kennedy who's not me. He's recently dreamed up a cool web toy called like better. Essentially you:

  1. Look at two photos
  2. Click on the one you like better
  3. Wait for the brain to turn pink and tell you something its guessed about you

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Mural in time

Watch this playful video of a mural being painted and repainted and then painted again:

I love how goofy the artists are through out the whole thing.

This film is directed by Daisuke Yamamoto. I can't find any more information about this artist but really want to know more about the backgr

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Nasher favs

Upon my last trip to Dallas I snuck out of the house and took my Dad's old blue Econoline van (classy, cool, and fast) downtown to the Nasher sculpture garden. Here are my fav. artists:

Jonathon Borofsky- Walking to the Sky, 2004 : Giant pole jutting into the sky with little model people sauntering along to who knows where. I could just stare and start at this all day.

Medardo Rosso - Sick Child, 1889 - Rosso cast sculptures but instead of completing his process left the wax molds to stand as his final work. The result is spooky and surprisingly edgy and contemporary looking for being more than 100 years old.

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Hillarious Daily Show clip on nanotechnology

The dorky but savvy "news" reporter Samantha Bee gives us an update on what nanotechnology might have in store for us. It's also good to see that she found an important use for all those left over Christmas Robosapien presents.

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Mushaboom video

Ack! There's a video for this wonderful tune from Feist!? This is one of those rare songs that I can't seem to get sick of despite its 100th or so playing. I anticipate watching this on repeat during the dark and dreary days of February.