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Wonderful lyrics - Best Friends Forever


From, "my head in front of your head," a love song to President Lincoln. There is something just so painfully sweet about this song and particularly this part.

I would have spent hours combing your hair,
putting every one in place.
But if you got nervous and messed it up it would have been okay.
And we could have had messy hair together.
And we could have had beautiful children together.

I heart Best Friends Forever

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Flesh and stone


Nude Figures Astride an Ornate Building: by Heinrich KleyNude Figures Astride an Ornate Building: by Heinrich Kley From the Library of Congress' Cartoon America series - Imaginary Worlds

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Play Least Dangerous Game in Minneapolis tomorrow


Minneapolis: Where will he be?Minneapolis: Where will he be?Fellow Twin Cities citizen Aric McKown (I think this is who is running this gig) has a great idea. Every Saturday he will hide somewhere in Minneapolis and post clues every 15-30 min. as to his whereabouts via his Twitter account. Then it's up to us to find him. He's calling it the Least Dangerout Game. This is exactly the type of emergent real world fun that I love to see growing out of the networks.

I am a recently addicted Saint Paul Winter Carnival Medalion Hunter and an itinerant geochache searcher but need a new hunting game. So this should be quite the fun addition to my city games portfolio. Here's hoping I'll see Aric on Saturday.

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Vampire squid


Vampire squid: by Debby MasonVampire squid: by Debby MasonBrowsing around for images of the wonderfully named vampire squid I ran across this great etching by artist Debby Mason. More of here marine life art.

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Trap jaw ant videos


Check out these hot videos of the worlds fastest animal part. The trap jaw ant of Central and South America can open its jaws to 180 degrees and then slam them shut at over 110mph. The jaws slam shut so quickly that the whole ant can be flung many times its length into the air.

Trap jaw video - remember this is slowed down about 1600 times.

High jump video

Ant bounce video

More from the Cal Academy

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High bathroom design for geologists


Signature Erosion SinkSignature Erosion SinkNeato, this custom sink from Gore Design Co. would be so great for some sedimentary geologist's home. Or how about a museum exhibit on the role of water in sedimentary environments. I love it when high design gets a nerdy and buddies up science.

via Kottke

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The Dream House - chill out with La Monte Young and Marian Zazeela


The Dream House: photo by Marian ZazeelaThe Dream House: photo by Marian ZazeelaMy friend Emily just told me about the The Dream House, a mind reseting apartment in New York City designed by La Monte Young and Marian Zazeela. This open space is a sound and light installation which according to friends is a refreshing reset from the crazy New York lifestyle. Open every Thursday and Saturday from 2pm-midnight, I can't wait to check it out when I visit next.

La Monte Young and Terry Riley: photo by Chris HarveyLa Monte Young and Terry Riley: photo by Chris HarveyAfter browsing around on their website I was psyched to find this fun picture of La Monte Young and minimalist composer Terry Riley who seem to be in the same beard club.

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dancing on thin ice


Back in February I participated in the Art Shanty Projects helping to build a triangle of love, The Vista Shanty. One of the best days of the project (hell...my whole winter) was the dance throwdown organized by the guys from the OurBurr shanty. Check out this video to see the magic. The fine folks from the Soft Shop really put some work into their amazing prehistoric history show as well as the ice cream and cake give away.

More on the Soft Shop.

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The Go! Team covers SY


Sonic Youth and The Go! TeamSonic Youth and The Go! TeamThe Go! Team does a great little cover of Sonic Youth's Bull and the Heather which actually sounds a bit more raucous and desperate than the original.

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Sketch and skin


by Erica Ilcaneby Erica IlcaneEricailcane does some wonderfully creepy sketches of little cute bunnies, monkeys, and whales...then rips away the flesh to reveal their true selves. His stuff reminds me of Edward Gorey in some ways.

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I wish Andreas Gursky did stock photos


by Andreas Gurskyby Andreas GurskyI know this is terrible but every time I am looking for a photo to talk about the safety of consumer products (vaccines, nanotech, arsenic, what have you) I always want to use the art photography of Andreas Gursky. Alas, I doubt this phenomenal artist is interested in selling the rights for his images as stock photos.

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Zoom, scale, transform, copy, paste


from Herr Bar: flesh as inkfrom Herr Bar: flesh as ink

I've seen a few very cool videos lately that are remarkable exercises in simple concepts copied and pasted up to scale. Here's some of my favorites:

  • The magnificent typographically inspired, "What does Marsellus Wallace look like?" actually seems to convey more punch than the original Pulp Fiction.
  • Le Grand Content. What I wish every Power Point demonstration could actually look like.
  • Herr Bar a music video where flesh stands in for ink. It reminds me of what Hannah Hoch might have done with video editing software.

These last two both come from Clemens Kolger.

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Lily Allen - new supastar crush


As if I didn't have enough to handle with real life crushes now I've gone and got all limerenced out on this sexy gal.

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Books, minimilism, photography, Mickey Smith

photo by Mickey Smithphoto by Mickey SmithI saw Mickey Smith speak at an artist talk held by the Minnesota Museum of American Art a couple years back and really liked her images. I've recently come back across her work via the Jen Beckman's Hey Hot Shot competition (lots more great photography there for sure). It's exciting to see this great local artist recognized in this national show.

Alas, the web really is a poor medium to see her work which really must be viewed at scale. These enormous prints of minimalist magazine bindings are rather stunning when measured in feet instead of pixels.

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Can un-networked project management work any longer?

OmniPlanOmniPlanI think OmniGroup's new project management tool OmniPlan looks quite faboo. It's got lots of useful features and I know that anything coming from this group will be super usable based on their previous products. However, as someone who works in a disparate team of overly busy people, I can't imagine how we could manage our project together without a inherently networked management tool. At this point I am addicted to web based systems like basecamp that lack a few features (bummer, no gantt charts). But with a dash of your favorite flavor of web calendar and a pinch of an RSS reader I've got all I need. I know it can export to web formats and all that but I really need it to be live when I get submit and not have to leap out to the network.