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Science fantasy


Scientists are using the large dataset of the 16 million people who play fantasy football to study how people learn. They presented their findings at the Games, Learning, and Society Conference in Madison, Wisconsin this last weekend.

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Guerrilla flower boxes


Celosias on a pole: via eyeteeth.orgCelosias on a pole: via eyeteeth.orgAh, if only more urban graffiti were so organic in nature. These ad-hoc flower boxes were attached to light poles in Toronto by posterchild.

More on Guerrilla Gardening

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Oh oh, I really want to see this new film from Hungarian directory PÁLFI GYÖRGY, Taxidermia. I can't figure out the plot exactly just yet, but I know it involves a guy who can shoot fire out his penis, an eating contest, and of course lots of taxidermy. What could be better?

quicktime trailer (watch out big download) - more trailers

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break, beat, mix - uniqlo play


uniqlo mixuniqlo mixH&M killer, Uniqlo clothes has a pretty rad music and video mixer that advertises a new set of parkas for the winter.

I ran into this via the interesting, YouTube Doubler, which I found out about from this goofy post on the Walker Art Center's blog...ala Steve Reich's 'Come out to show them' piece.

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Some wonderfully weird Russian animation from good ol' You Tube and creator Ivan Maximov.

The moog recreation of Eastern European folk music is great.

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Animal Collective - Fireworks video


Animal Collective has a preview of a song, Fireworks, from their new album, Strawberry Jam, complete with the complimentary video.

Via Emo+Beer=Busted Career

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I love this Human League video because it seems oddly prescient of our current map and map hack fascinations.

Here is a better quality version that requires a divx plugin.

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Magical projection and sound


Augmented Sculpture v 1.0: by Pablo ValbuenaAugmented Sculpture v 1.0: by Pablo ValbuenaCheck out the video of this static sculpture altered into a interactive art work via simple projection. It's stunning to see how adding a layer of light onto something as simple as a stack of boxes can be so transformative.

The work is by Pablo Valbuena at the medialab madrid (via We Make Money not Art).

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The technology between us


Projects in the Design Interactions program at the RCAProjects in the Design Interactions program at the RCAThere seems to be some amazing projects going down at the Design Interactions program at the Royal College of Art in the UK. Many of the projects focus on communication and interactions in relationships and how technology can modulate that experience. I am particularly interested in the idea of a system to truly experience your own and other unique special smell.

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Carving crayons


Pete Goldlust's crayonsPete Goldlust's crayonsPete Goldlust has created some rather delicate sculptures all carved from little standard crayons. What a great choice of medium.

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Beasts and bikes


Wow! It looks like Donnie Darko, Crash, and Rad all got together and formed a music video.

It's a lovely tune also from Bat for Lashes, What's a Girl to Do.
Kinda a shame how low res this is but there is a quicktime version that's a bit better.

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Kill Poem by Frederick Seidel


SeidelSeidelI've been infatuated with the poems of Frederick Seidel lately, especially those from his latest book Ooga Booga. They are dark and grizzly at times but refreshingly elegant as well. They are like a dark sentiment draped over a bright city.

I am amazed to see how hard it is to find his books in stores or any mention of him in many poetry forums.

Listen to him read on his website (click Kill Poem for the best).

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Version 2007, Chicago


Singin songs: Norae ShantySingin songs: Norae ShantyThis weekend I traveled down to Chicago with some fellow Art Shanty comrades to participate in the Nfo Expo, an art expo, part of the Version 7, Chicago art festival.


  • We sang tons of songs in Mike Hoyt's karaoke shack (Norae Shanty - photos.
  • intimate apareal - a sewing workshop to hack intimacy into garments for two people on up
  • food - Chicago dogs with everything, Korean BBQ, and fabulous Chinese
  • lectures on ice physics and bio diesel
  • music from one of my favorite once local bands, triangle
  • Janet Groenert's CAUTION flowers

Thanks for the good times Chicago.

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Sell your hair at the hair museum


hair for salehair for sale My Mom recently took a little side trip with her sisters to one of the weirder museums that the midwest has to offer. Leila's Hair Museum in Independance, Missouri is probably the world's only hair museum, acting as the headquarters for the Victorian Hairwork Society. The museum sports a large collection of hair jewelry and samples dating back to 1725. Hair jewelry really caught on during Victorian times when it was regularly used to honor a dead relative or loved one as part of the mourning process.

But what say you want to get started on making some of your own hair medallions, rings, and broaches but you don't want to part with your curly locks. We'll just a click away are several pages full of people offering their hair up for sale. I guess there's nothing inherently creepy about this but the pages of pictures with oddly obscured faces and tons of long flowing hair kinda wigs me out (pun intended).

But nevertheless this place sure is going on my list for the grand mid-west museum field trip.

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Renewable energy in Minnesota


Over on Science Buzz (my science blog) we have a new feature talking about Minnesota's sustainable energy efforts. Even though I far from agree with Tim Pawlenty on many political issues, I am glad to see him moving in the direction of a progressive stance on renewable energy.