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what's his name?


nametrends.net let's you track the names that parents give to their spawn over time. here's my name...glad to see I was part of a little popularity spike back in '77

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this is what video delays were invented for


kate bush, you are my overly dramatic girlfriend

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12 glowing men


via ekf

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out of range


trying to pump too many pixels into the machine turned my monitor into a tartan generator

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desire paths

from the desire paths flickr group

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evolution die

i don't think i would feed this to anything i cared about

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sour death balls


A film by Jessica Yu

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Pen lust


Flickr set of different pen reviews written out in the pens that they review.

You local Office Depot doesn't sport some of these fancy beauties? Check out JetPens for custom writing tools straight from Japan.

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Just finished my first muxtape. Quite fun...now I'm off to the gym to listen to the tunes. Oh, and thanks to yesterday's American Routes, for turning my back on to the great and quirky Roseanne Cash album, Seven Year Itch.

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Taste for chocolate


Wonderfully odd fan produced video for Justice's track Phantom Pt. II.

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Webcomic roundup


I've gotten turned on to a whole new batch of interesting web comics:
rice boy - a long and winding tale of an alternate world. i can't put my finger on what this reminds me of....
dresden kodak - physics adventures...nerdy physics adventures
pictures for sad children - black and white goodness

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Time lapse of Vikings Packers game


I'm not a huge football fan but do love a good time lapse. This video of a Vikings-Packers game compresses 1,194 still images over six hours into two minutes.

I especially enjoy seeing how the cleanup crew picks through the stadium at the end of the video.

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Os Mutantes' commercials for Shell oil


Check out these weird commercials made for Shell oil by psychedelic Brazilian group Os Mutantes in the 60s. They look like something Alejandro Jodorowsky would have dreamed.

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George Gimarc on the demise of the record store


Great profile of radio personality, George Gimarc. George Gimarc was a big part of helping me discover cool music growing up in Dallas. I stumbled across these posts about him because I've been looking for a track list of his great Christmas show that he used to do on KDGE in Dallas. If anyone knows where to find that let me know!

That profile lead me to this great video as well.

You gotta check out the moment in this video when Bill (of Dallas institution, Bill's Records and Tapes) talks about how people love vinyl..."they like it real good." Warms my heart.

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New thoughts


In an effort to share some of the ideas I work on at my job I've started a blog called:
Beyond the Button
A blog about how museums can use technology, media, and the web from the webteam at the Science Museum of Minnesota

Pop on over and check it out.