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sand in my shorts

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jackalope and wolpertinger


I've been having fun reading about the various incarnations of rabbits from jackalopes to wolpertingers.

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handmade leather wallets


refined leather wallets from makr

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barack rolled


Hyper skinny people always look funny when they dance.

via the guardian

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getting kids addicted to java


The JAVA programming language has a cool Young Developer Learning Path, that gives teens (and younger) some tips about how they can get started learning JAVA. There's even a facebook group.

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The Orwell Prize, Britain’s pre-eminent prize for political writing, is publishing George Orwell’s diaries as a blog.

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Make sure to check out his "not-so" secret file over at MI-5 as well.

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in tow

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cute gone bad


My favorite web comic of the moment. Kawaii Not.

Kawaii Not is a four panel webcomic, typically featuring cute versions of everyday objects doing and saying some crazy stuff. Hopefully it's funny. Or maybe you're just dead inside.

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tc hates the 'bucks?


interesting to look at this map of the recent massive closing of under performing starbucks, b/c of of the biggest (looking) concentrations of closings seems to be the twin cities. then again it might just be my wishful perception...
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nerdy threads


I'm enjoying a dig back through the archives of fashionably GEEK (pub suit and bigfoot v. unicorn pictured). It's like digging through the Gadzooks warehouse.

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museums found to exist outside new york


When the New York Times says "museum" they generally mean "art museum" and almost as often mean "art museum in the New York area." So I was surprised to see this great article highlighting the new Audobon Insectarium (see...Science) in New Orleans (just south of Brooklyn). They even seem to get the idea that some of the best parts of this museum are about engagement and fun. Not like this trash and the jumpers on(I hoped more from PZ).

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don't forget about zinc oxide


A little lesson in science from kentucky fried movie...via laughing squid.
I haven't seen this classic since high school.

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render the earth


xplanet can generate a 3D view of the earth that is mapped to a sphere with lots of configured options: other planets, satellites, places.

We might use this for our Science on a Sphere implementation.

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i was robbed by two men


This is what people think of America?