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get your war on


Proof that all those people, worried about the death of political humor now that the Barry's in power, are just missing the point.

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wassup then and now


Watch first and then watch below...


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glowing blobs


PSST! Pass It On.... Original short films, made by collaborating artists and designers. I really like a boy blowing bubbles.

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turning time


White Winter Hymnal a new video from Fleet Foxes. These guys are reminding me more and more of Crosby, Still, and Nash with the reverb turned up.

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version one where you use your imagination

version two where it's done for ya

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sand in my shorts

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barack rolled


Hyper skinny people always look funny when they dance.

via the guardian

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don't forget about zinc oxide


A little lesson in science from kentucky fried movie...via laughing squid.
I haven't seen this classic since high school.

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i was robbed by two men


This is what people think of America?

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this is what video delays were invented for


kate bush, you are my overly dramatic girlfriend

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out of range


trying to pump too many pixels into the machine turned my monitor into a tartan generator

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sour death balls


A film by Jessica Yu

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Taste for chocolate


Wonderfully odd fan produced video for Justice's track Phantom Pt. II.

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Time lapse of Vikings Packers game


I'm not a huge football fan but do love a good time lapse. This video of a Vikings-Packers game compresses 1,194 still images over six hours into two minutes.

I especially enjoy seeing how the cleanup crew picks through the stadium at the end of the video.

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Some wonderfully weird Russian animation from good ol' You Tube and creator Ivan Maximov.

The moog recreation of Eastern European folk music is great.