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the archive


It's heartbreaking to hear this story, and it leaves me confused. I would expect some rich collector to snatch this shit up in a sec.

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this is what video delays were invented for


kate bush, you are my overly dramatic girlfriend

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Just finished my first muxtape. Quite I'm off to the gym to listen to the tunes. Oh, and thanks to yesterday's American Routes, for turning my back on to the great and quirky Roseanne Cash album, Seven Year Itch.

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Taste for chocolate


Wonderfully odd fan produced video for Justice's track Phantom Pt. II.

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Os Mutantes' commercials for Shell oil


Check out these weird commercials made for Shell oil by psychedelic Brazilian group Os Mutantes in the 60s. They look like something Alejandro Jodorowsky would have dreamed.

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George Gimarc on the demise of the record store


Great profile of radio personality, George Gimarc. George Gimarc was a big part of helping me discover cool music growing up in Dallas. I stumbled across these posts about him because I've been looking for a track list of his great Christmas show that he used to do on KDGE in Dallas. If anyone knows where to find that let me know!

That profile lead me to this great video as well.

You gotta check out the moment in this video when Bill (of Dallas institution, Bill's Records and Tapes) talks about how people love vinyl..."they like it real good." Warms my heart.

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break, beat, mix - uniqlo play


uniqlo mixuniqlo mixH&M killer, Uniqlo clothes has a pretty rad music and video mixer that advertises a new set of parkas for the winter.

I ran into this via the interesting, YouTube Doubler, which I found out about from this goofy post on the Walker Art Center's blog...ala Steve Reich's 'Come out to show them' piece.

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Animal Collective - Fireworks video


Animal Collective has a preview of a song, Fireworks, from their new album, Strawberry Jam, complete with the complimentary video.

Via Emo+Beer=Busted Career

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I love this Human League video because it seems oddly prescient of our current map and map hack fascinations.

Here is a better quality version that requires a divx plugin.

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Wonderful lyrics - Best Friends Forever


From, "my head in front of your head," a love song to President Lincoln. There is something just so painfully sweet about this song and particularly this part.

I would have spent hours combing your hair,
putting every one in place.
But if you got nervous and messed it up it would have been okay.
And we could have had messy hair together.
And we could have had beautiful children together.

I heart Best Friends Forever

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The Go! Team covers SY


Sonic Youth and The Go! TeamSonic Youth and The Go! TeamThe Go! Team does a great little cover of Sonic Youth's Bull and the Heather which actually sounds a bit more raucous and desperate than the original.

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Test of path auto for cat paths


Test, tesing

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Lily Allen - new supastar crush


As if I didn't have enough to handle with real life crushes now I've gone and got all limerenced out on this sexy gal.

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Guitar Hero is fun...hard

I stayed late at work today to try out Guitar Hero, which we are setting up for a party later in the week. Wow, I know I am arriving late to this party, but that game is super fun. However, I was amazed at how poorly I preformed playing the "instrument." I've never really learned how to play a real instrument and this helps remind me why. But I sure did feel like a rock star bopping along on Easy to Franz Ferdinad's 'Take Me Out'.

Check out this amazing player showing how it's done on Expert mode:

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New album from the Stooges

The Stooges recorded a new album due out soon and the NY Times has a great video interview with these guys on their process. My favorite moment in the interview is when Iggy Pop likens him self to a rap artist. Steve Albini makes a brief cameo.