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museums found to exist outside new york


When the New York Times says "museum" they generally mean "art museum" and almost as often mean "art museum in the New York area." So I was surprised to see this great article highlighting the new Audobon Insectarium (see...Science) in New Orleans (just south of Brooklyn). They even seem to get the idea that some of the best parts of this museum are about engagement and fun. Not like this trash and the jumpers on(I hoped more from PZ).

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Sell your hair at the hair museum


hair for salehair for sale My Mom recently took a little side trip with her sisters to one of the weirder museums that the midwest has to offer. Leila's Hair Museum in Independance, Missouri is probably the world's only hair museum, acting as the headquarters for the Victorian Hairwork Society. The museum sports a large collection of hair jewelry and samples dating back to 1725. Hair jewelry really caught on during Victorian times when it was regularly used to honor a dead relative or loved one as part of the mourning process.

But what say you want to get started on making some of your own hair medallions, rings, and broaches but you don't want to part with your curly locks. We'll just a click away are several pages full of people offering their hair up for sale. I guess there's nothing inherently creepy about this but the pages of pictures with oddly obscured faces and tons of long flowing hair kinda wigs me out (pun intended).

But nevertheless this place sure is going on my list for the grand mid-west museum field trip.

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I wish Andreas Gursky did stock photos


by Andreas Gurskyby Andreas GurskyI know this is terrible but every time I am looking for a photo to talk about the safety of consumer products (vaccines, nanotech, arsenic, what have you) I always want to use the art photography of Andreas Gursky. Alas, I doubt this phenomenal artist is interested in selling the rights for his images as stock photos.