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diorama machine


The Bell Museum of Natural History has a new web feature that lets you explore whats going on inside of their dioramas. These glass cases are some of the finest in the nation, and make a great back drop for some odd dinner parties as well.

The only upside to Pawlenty's short sighted cleavering of the Bell's new building budget, this year, is that these beauties will stay in their original position from just a little bit longer.

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Renewable energy in Minnesota


Over on Science Buzz (my science blog) we have a new feature talking about Minnesota's sustainable energy efforts. Even though I far from agree with Tim Pawlenty on many political issues, I am glad to see him moving in the direction of a progressive stance on renewable energy.

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Film/Culture blog from Kathie Smith

My pal Kathie Smith has started a film and culture blog that is off to a great start. Check out this super knowledgeable perspective on local cinema and art happenings.

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Twin Cities energy efficient homes

Yesterday I rode all over the cities with my pals Bill and Moira to check out some of the cool abodes on the Minneapolis Saint Paul Home Tour. I was delighted to find so many great homes that were making great strides to include solar power and other energy efficient practices to reduce their footprint while still living in quite remarkable homes.

Here were a couple that were most notable:

Efficiency evangelist

I have to start with my favorite and our last stop on the tour. David Boyce and Lee Olson had essentially built their entire home living lifestyle around efficiency. They made sure to point out every unique choice they had made to reduce their energy needs. They had simple solutions like power strips to prevent phantom charges (the electricity drawn from appliances even when they are "off"), super efficient kitchen appliances (their SunFrost refrigerator was most interesting to me.), a slick black biodiesel mercedes (run on http://www.tcbiodiesel.com/">Twin Cities Biodiesel Consortium fuel), and a solar system that was regularly feeding energy back to Xcel Energy while we were there. Very nice family to...including their super cute kid Maya.