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where's that art at again?


Start Seeing Art is some nice work by blogger, Kevin D. Hendricks, to map public art across the Twin Cities. While he has the obligatory Google Map, I appreciate that he's also gone to the trouble of making a printable PDF like the one pictured above. His first printable map is of art in downtown Saint Paul (PDF), just in time for the RNC.

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Play Least Dangerous Game in Minneapolis tomorrow


Minneapolis: Where will he be?Minneapolis: Where will he be?Fellow Twin Cities citizen Aric McKown (I think this is who is running this gig) has a great idea. Every Saturday he will hide somewhere in Minneapolis and post clues every 15-30 min. as to his whereabouts via his Twitter account. Then it's up to us to find him. He's calling it the Least Dangerout Game. This is exactly the type of emergent real world fun that I love to see growing out of the networks.

I am a recently addicted Saint Paul Winter Carnival Medalion Hunter and an itinerant geochache searcher but need a new hunting game. So this should be quite the fun addition to my city games portfolio. Here's hoping I'll see Aric on Saturday.

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Calder's circus

I just visited the marvelous Surreal Calder show at the MIA today and was entranced by a video that played midway through this exhibit. In Cirque de Calder you can see a vast number of toys, automata, and playful creations dance around in a fantastical circus. You can watch it online (in parts, Cirque de Calder- Clip 1, Cirque de Calder- Clip 2, Cirque de Calder- Clip 3, Cirque de Calder- Clip 4).