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where's that art at again?


Start Seeing Art is some nice work by blogger, Kevin D. Hendricks, to map public art across the Twin Cities. While he has the obligatory Google Map, I appreciate that he's also gone to the trouble of making a printable PDF like the one pictured above. His first printable map is of art in downtown Saint Paul (PDF), just in time for the RNC.

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tc hates the 'bucks?


interesting to look at this map of the recent massive closing of under performing starbucks, b/c of of the biggest (looking) concentrations of closings seems to be the twin cities. then again it might just be my wishful perception...
via what i learned today

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Taxi omnipotence

The cool folks at the exploratorium (in partnership with stamen design) have built a wicked way to visualize travel through San Francisco. Cabspotting lets you see real time GPS information from taxis traveling through the bay. Patterns emerge as people pulse through the city.