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regular as heck


I know it's hardly ground breaking to post a link to some more Sarah Palin bashing, but it's just oh so fun and this one from George Saunders made me giggle right in my smart box.

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don't forget about zinc oxide


A little lesson in science from kentucky fried movie...via laughing squid.
I haven't seen this classic since high school.

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i was robbed by two men


This is what people think of America?

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Hillarious Daily Show clip on nanotechnology

The dorky but savvy "news" reporter Samantha Bee gives us an update on what nanotechnology might have in store for us. It's also good to see that she found an important use for all those left over Christmas Robosapien presents.

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Learning Cocoa and Objective-C, humor insues

So I am taking a giant leap into real programing, not just scripting by trying to learn objective-C and Cocoa for OSX development. I found this rather useful tutorial but had to mention this little funny bit. It starts off showing you a fairly basic PHP script...and then tells you:

If all of this makes sense to you, congratulations. You know more about how software works than most people on the planet. Also, it means you have a strong enough grasp on the basics to use this tutorial.

Ha, I love it. Its nice to put things in perspective sometimes.

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Guitar Faces

Check out this wonderful photo gallery of guitar faces. Somewhere in between the sublime and the ridiculous. My favs are black flag, big black, and this super weird kid with strange goings on in the background.