« posted September 3, 2008 - 8:32am »

google chrome has some accessibility problems


I totally understand that Google's new browser, Chrome, is a beta piece of tech that shouldn't be criticized too heavily for any particular issues. Yet, accessibility is regularly overlooked in the web world. So, I think it is important to highlight that Chrome needs some big improvements before it is ready for those who use assistive devices or operating system settings to make their computer experience more usable.

The Paciollo Group's blog has an outline of the first discovered accessibility shortcomings of Chrome. If you notice these problems or others please submit a bug through the browser to let Google know that these issues are important to you.

« posted November 2, 2006 - 1:26pm »

Which Bryan Kennedy do you like better

Like any vain internet nerd I google my own name all the time. A google search for Bryan Kennedy brings us varied results. But, after digging through a couple political candidates and a crappy Irish songwriter we find the other web focused Bryan Kennedy who's not me. He's recently dreamed up a cool web toy called like better. Essentially you:

  1. Look at two photos
  2. Click on the one you like better
  3. Wait for the brain to turn pink and tell you something its guessed about you