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get your war on


Proof that all those people, worried about the death of political humor now that the Barry's in power, are just missing the point.

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wassup then and now


Watch first and then watch below...


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barack rolled


Hyper skinny people always look funny when they dance.

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in tow

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nerdy threads


I'm enjoying a dig back through the archives of fashionably GEEK (pub suit and bigfoot v. unicorn pictured). It's like digging through the Gadzooks warehouse.

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i was robbed by two men


This is what people think of America?

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New album from the Stooges

The Stooges recorded a new album due out soon and the NY Times has a great video interview with these guys on their process. My favorite moment in the interview is when Iggy Pop likens him self to a rap artist. Steve Albini makes a brief cameo.