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so close to home


California's Channel Islands: courtesey craig1blackCalifornia's Channel Islands: courtesey craig1blackAn interesting story of survival when rescue was only just out of reach.

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Oh oh, I really want to see this new film from Hungarian directory PÁLFI GYÖRGY, Taxidermia. I can't figure out the plot exactly just yet, but I know it involves a guy who can shoot fire out his penis, an eating contest, and of course lots of taxidermy. What could be better?

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Penne Pasta with Red Pepper Sauce and Broccoli

This recipe is quickly becoming one of my favorite standby pasta dishes. It doesn't require too much prep and is seriously tasty. It manages to be a great cheese pasta without being too rich. From the Vegetarian Planet by Didi Emmons.

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Highlight on the Slaughterhouse Industry

The NYTimes has a great editorial reminding us of one of the most important victims of our meaty society: workers! One of the main reasons I am a vegetarian is because of the nasty effects this lifestyle imposes upon other human beings. While I don't really think we should all go Vegan by any means, working toward better working conditions for the already over-exploited immigrant labor community would be a wonderful step. But with consolidation in the industry causing problems all over the place, I can't say I am too optimistic.