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study science dammit


Kids today still have a ridiculous idea of science professions...old men in white lab coats anybody...snore. Future Morph is a British website designed to give teens an idea of the types of careers available to science nerds. Fun careers, interesting careers, with interesting haircuts and all that. Kudos English people, and nice website.

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getting kids addicted to java


The JAVA programming language has a cool Young Developer Learning Path, that gives teens (and younger) some tips about how they can get started learning JAVA. There's even a facebook group.

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The technology between us


Projects in the Design Interactions program at the RCAProjects in the Design Interactions program at the RCAThere seems to be some amazing projects going down at the Design Interactions program at the Royal College of Art in the UK. Many of the projects focus on communication and interactions in relationships and how technology can modulate that experience. I am particularly interested in the idea of a system to truly experience your own and other unique special smell.