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cute gone bad


My favorite web comic of the moment. Kawaii Not.

Kawaii Not is a four panel webcomic, typically featuring cute versions of everyday objects doing and saying some crazy stuff. Hopefully it's funny. Or maybe you're just dead inside.

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Pen lust


Flickr set of different pen reviews written out in the pens that they review.

You local Office Depot doesn't sport some of these fancy beauties? Check out JetPens for custom writing tools straight from Japan.

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Webcomic roundup


I've gotten turned on to a whole new batch of interesting web comics:
rice boy - a long and winding tale of an alternate world. i can't put my finger on what this reminds me of....
dresden kodak - physics adventures...nerdy physics adventures
pictures for sad children - black and white goodness

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Flesh and stone


Nude Figures Astride an Ornate Building: by Heinrich KleyNude Figures Astride an Ornate Building: by Heinrich Kley From the Library of Congress' Cartoon America series - Imaginary Worlds

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Sketch and skin


by Erica Ilcaneby Erica IlcaneEricailcane does some wonderfully creepy sketches of little cute bunnies, monkeys, and whales...then rips away the flesh to reveal their true selves. His stuff reminds me of Edward Gorey in some ways.