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batman onomatopeias


Gallery of batman onomatopeias.
I grew up watching LOTS of the old batman tv series and always loved these weird text graphics that accompanied every pratfall and fisticuff on the show.

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breaking out of black and blue


Color schemes inspired by various bruises all 'round the body. My fav is simply titled, bruised.

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left brain right brain


My pal Laura Allen works at the American Museum of Natural history on their Science Bulletins program but is also a freelance science writer. She's got a really nice website with a perfect design for her discipline. It's rare to see a portfolio site having anything to do with science and writing look this nice. Kuddos.

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The technology between us


Projects in the Design Interactions program at the RCAProjects in the Design Interactions program at the RCAThere seems to be some amazing projects going down at the Design Interactions program at the Royal College of Art in the UK. Many of the projects focus on communication and interactions in relationships and how technology can modulate that experience. I am particularly interested in the idea of a system to truly experience your own and other unique special smell.

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High bathroom design for geologists


Signature Erosion SinkSignature Erosion SinkNeato, this custom sink from Gore Design Co. would be so great for some sedimentary geologist's home. Or how about a museum exhibit on the role of water in sedimentary environments. I love it when high design gets a nerdy and buddies up science.

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