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Books, minimilism, photography, Mickey Smith

photo by Mickey Smithphoto by Mickey SmithI saw Mickey Smith speak at an artist talk held by the Minnesota Museum of American Art a couple years back and really liked her images. I've recently come back across her work via the Jen Beckman's Hey Hot Shot competition (lots more great photography there for sure). It's exciting to see this great local artist recognized in this national show.

Alas, the web really is a poor medium to see her work which really must be viewed at scale. These enormous prints of minimalist magazine bindings are rather stunning when measured in feet instead of pixels.

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Addicted to Library Thing

At dinner on Friday night a fine young lady from NY introduced me to the Library Thing. Wow, this is my kind of community based website. I've been up late nights getting all my books on there.

Now I just need to find some place like this for all my LPs, 45s, and CDs. If only music had a system like ISBN.