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Version 2007, Chicago


Singin songs: Norae ShantySingin songs: Norae ShantyThis weekend I traveled down to Chicago with some fellow Art Shanty comrades to participate in the Nfo Expo, an art expo, part of the Version 7, Chicago art festival.


  • We sang tons of songs in Mike Hoyt's karaoke shack (Norae Shanty - photos.
  • intimate apareal - a sewing workshop to hack intimacy into garments for two people on up
  • food - Chicago dogs with everything, Korean BBQ, and fabulous Chinese
  • lectures on ice physics and bio diesel
  • music from one of my favorite once local bands, triangle
  • Janet Groenert's CAUTION flowers

Thanks for the good times Chicago.

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dancing on thin ice


Back in February I participated in the Art Shanty Projects helping to build a triangle of love, The Vista Shanty. One of the best days of the project ( whole winter) was the dance throwdown organized by the guys from the OurBurr shanty. Check out this video to see the magic. The fine folks from the Soft Shop really put some work into their amazing prehistoric history show as well as the ice cream and cake give away.

More on the Soft Shop.