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no one ever called pablo picasso an asshole


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glowing blobs


PSST! Pass It On.... Original short films, made by collaborating artists and designers. I really like a boy blowing bubbles.

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where's that art at again?


Start Seeing Art is some nice work by blogger, Kevin D. Hendricks, to map public art across the Twin Cities. While he has the obligatory Google Map, I appreciate that he's also gone to the trouble of making a printable PDF like the one pictured above. His first printable map is of art in downtown Saint Paul (PDF), just in time for the RNC.

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sand in my shorts

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Guerrilla flower boxes


Celosias on a pole: via eyeteeth.orgCelosias on a pole: via eyeteeth.orgAh, if only more urban graffiti were so organic in nature. These ad-hoc flower boxes were attached to light poles in Toronto by posterchild.

More on Guerrilla Gardening

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Magical projection and sound


Augmented Sculpture v 1.0: by Pablo ValbuenaAugmented Sculpture v 1.0: by Pablo ValbuenaCheck out the video of this static sculpture altered into a interactive art work via simple projection. It's stunning to see how adding a layer of light onto something as simple as a stack of boxes can be so transformative.

The work is by Pablo Valbuena at the medialab madrid (via We Make Money not Art).

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The technology between us


Projects in the Design Interactions program at the RCAProjects in the Design Interactions program at the RCAThere seems to be some amazing projects going down at the Design Interactions program at the Royal College of Art in the UK. Many of the projects focus on communication and interactions in relationships and how technology can modulate that experience. I am particularly interested in the idea of a system to truly experience your own and other unique special smell.

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Carving crayons


Pete Goldlust's crayonsPete Goldlust's crayonsPete Goldlust has created some rather delicate sculptures all carved from little standard crayons. What a great choice of medium.

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Flesh and stone


Nude Figures Astride an Ornate Building: by Heinrich KleyNude Figures Astride an Ornate Building: by Heinrich Kley From the Library of Congress' Cartoon America series - Imaginary Worlds

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Vampire squid


Vampire squid: by Debby MasonVampire squid: by Debby MasonBrowsing around for images of the wonderfully named vampire squid I ran across this great etching by artist Debby Mason. More of here marine life art.

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The Dream House - chill out with La Monte Young and Marian Zazeela


The Dream House: photo by Marian ZazeelaThe Dream House: photo by Marian ZazeelaMy friend Emily just told me about the The Dream House, a mind reseting apartment in New York City designed by La Monte Young and Marian Zazeela. This open space is a sound and light installation which according to friends is a refreshing reset from the crazy New York lifestyle. Open every Thursday and Saturday from 2pm-midnight, I can't wait to check it out when I visit next.

La Monte Young and Terry Riley: photo by Chris HarveyLa Monte Young and Terry Riley: photo by Chris HarveyAfter browsing around on their website I was psyched to find this fun picture of La Monte Young and minimalist composer Terry Riley who seem to be in the same beard club.

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Sketch and skin


by Erica Ilcaneby Erica IlcaneEricailcane does some wonderfully creepy sketches of little cute bunnies, monkeys, and whales...then rips away the flesh to reveal their true selves. His stuff reminds me of Edward Gorey in some ways.

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Zoom, scale, transform, copy, paste


from Herr Bar: flesh as inkfrom Herr Bar: flesh as ink

I've seen a few very cool videos lately that are remarkable exercises in simple concepts copied and pasted up to scale. Here's some of my favorites:

  • The magnificent typographically inspired, "What does Marsellus Wallace look like?" actually seems to convey more punch than the original Pulp Fiction.
  • Le Grand Content. What I wish every Power Point demonstration could actually look like.
  • Herr Bar a music video where flesh stands in for ink. It reminds me of what Hannah Hoch might have done with video editing software.

These last two both come from Clemens Kolger.

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Books, minimilism, photography, Mickey Smith

photo by Mickey Smithphoto by Mickey SmithI saw Mickey Smith speak at an artist talk held by the Minnesota Museum of American Art a couple years back and really liked her images. I've recently come back across her work via the Jen Beckman's Hey Hot Shot competition (lots more great photography there for sure). It's exciting to see this great local artist recognized in this national show.

Alas, the web really is a poor medium to see her work which really must be viewed at scale. These enormous prints of minimalist magazine bindings are rather stunning when measured in feet instead of pixels.

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Film/Culture blog from Kathie Smith

My pal Kathie Smith has started a film and culture blog that is off to a great start. Check out this super knowledgeable perspective on local cinema and art happenings.