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turning time


White Winter Hymnal a new video from Fleet Foxes. These guys are reminding me more and more of Crosby, Still, and Nash with the reverb turned up.

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Some wonderfully weird Russian animation from good ol' You Tube and creator Ivan Maximov.

The moog recreation of Eastern European folk music is great.

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Morphing whiteboard animation

Another amazing time-lapse/stop-motion animation. This short film is by Kristofer Strom.

What a great idea to do animation on a white board. We've done some classes where we use magnets on a white board to do stop motion animation but somehow hadn't thought up the idea to use the markers....duh!

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Mural in time

Watch this playful video of a mural being painted and repainted and then painted again:

I love how goofy the artists are through out the whole thing.

This film is directed by Daisuke Yamamoto. I can't find any more information about this artist but really want to know more about the backgr