« posted February 19, 2005 - 7:15pm »

Absurdist Video Fun

Artist, Tom Sachs has some wonderful videos on his website. My favorite is a funny little piece about racing cars. Whoever does the narration or these videos (Mr. Sachs?) has a soothing voice that borders on unreal when mixed with the content of the videos.

This video reminds me of a story. Here is Saint Paul, there is the giant underground railroad parts supply store near the Midway. I went down there one day to find out when I could come watch some dudes race their sweet little tiny racers. They said the schedule was pretty sporadic, but then saw a little gleam in their eye. The two of them tag-teamed me, talking a mile a minute about how I needed to get involved racing tiny model cars and how much fun it would be. "Join us!" I barely escaped with my sneakers in tact.