Tacky tour or jolly journey

« posted April 6, 2006 - 1:13pm »

I was quite surprised to find out today that the London bus tours are actually quite cool.

Okay, so the bus puts the big ol' TOURIST stamp right in the middle of your forehead, but hell there ain't no reason to pretend otherwise. I mean c'mon we all want the same great picture of Big Ben and lots of crazy London facts. Did you know that you can hold a party inside a horse?

These tours also give you a great topside view of the close calls, squeezing cyclists, and other insanely remarkable London driving moves. You haven't lived till you've been in a two story bus squeezing down a tight alley with only inches between you and the adjoining 500 year old walls.

If you do check out these tours I would highly recommend the Big Bus Tours but also suggest you sample from the different tour directors. With Big Bus you can jump on and off at any stop and this gave us a great opportunity to hear a couple different personalities of the people leading the tours: some funny, some dry, some super knowledgeable.

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