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Science Buzz

Science Buzz - At work (Science Museum of Minnesota) I am spending a bunch of time trying to figure out ways to bring Current Science topics into the museum. One big way we are doing this is through a website / kiosk called Science Buzz. The website allows us to quickly publish educational science content around current news topics while giving the museum's visitors a chance to respond and hold online discussions. We are just getting started right now but hope to have a lively discussion group going soon.

Vista Shanty

traingle on iceI participated in the Art Shanty Projects this year working with a team of fine friends to build the Vista Shanty. Credit goes to me, Janet Groenert, Kristen Murray, Sarah Peters, Sarah Petersen, and Zvie Razieli.


I have been playing around with making some interesting origami boxes and geometric structures, from various books. I don't know why but I love making these geometric shapes.


I am relearning this craft that my mother taught me in high school on a small four harness teaching loom. Someday far in the future I will have 2 square feet of a wonderful rug.