Musical Bridge

« posted April 4, 2006 - 11:47am »

Walking along the Millennium Bridge after a wonderful visit at the Tate Modern yesterday I saw a weird site. This guy was bent over a bunch of electrical equipment with wires attached to the bridge's guy wires and headphones on. Dressed in all black and a fashionable coat, I didn't think he was an engineer or someone working on the bridge.

He handed me the headphones and I heard a wonderful jangly harp like sound. The man was Bill Fontana and he had come out from San Francisco to work on an installation sound sculpture for the Tate Modern. After talking a while he explained that he attached accelerometers to the bridge and was turning their movement into sounds using amps and a digital recorder. It sounded like this will be a cool installation once it is finished. Guess I will have to make another trip back to London in a month.

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