Corporation for Public Gaming

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Serious Game Source has a great article on the need for a centralized agency for creating education focused yet still entertaining "serious" games. I love this idea simply because it builds on a model that works fabulously, PBS (and within CPB, the Corporation for Public Broadcasting). This article does a good and quick job of covering some of the common misconceptions about games made by the outside world:

So now how do we mobilize some support for this sort of agency?

Determine a time period for

Determine a time period for your party along with a place.
8 Party Invitations and Envelopes Party Planner with recipes, menu and decorating tips Police Report and Crime Scene Diagram Character
Booklets for many suspects 8 Name Tags 8 Secret Clues Compact Disk with
bonus game. If you don't feel like designing your own, there are several websites offering free printable Halloween invitations.

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