Can un-networked project management work any longer?

« posted February 28, 2007 - 6:20pm »

OmniPlanOmniPlanI think OmniGroup's new project management tool OmniPlan looks quite faboo. It's got lots of useful features and I know that anything coming from this group will be super usable based on their previous products. However, as someone who works in a disparate team of overly busy people, I can't imagine how we could manage our project together without a inherently networked management tool. At this point I am addicted to web based systems like basecamp that lack a few features (bummer, no gantt charts). But with a dash of your favorite flavor of web calendar and a pinch of an RSS reader I've got all I need. I know it can export to web formats and all that but I really need it to be live when I get submit and not have to leap out to the network.

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