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Deuter - Aum

Nice discovery in the Sunday morning record unpacking extravaganza. Only 6 more boxes to go.

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no one ever called pablo picasso an asshole


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study science dammit


Kids today still have a ridiculous idea of science professions...old men in white lab coats anybody...snore. Future Morph is a British website designed to give teens an idea of the types of careers available to science nerds. Fun careers, interesting careers, with interesting haircuts and all that. Kudos English people, and nice website.

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stop buyin' hello kitty


or this will be our future

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makin muppets


Build your own custom Muppet and FAO Schwartz will send it your way for $90. Too pricey for me, but fun to play with in concept.

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follow through


What would happen if Tom finally caught up with Jerry? jCauty&SON have an answer at the Aquarium gallery in London.

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chocolate, 3d effects, short pants, london, and harmonie korine?


how could a cute little advert get any better?

i love how the back and forth pause shots give a 3d effect to the scenes...FYI, this is a fun little thing to do with your digital cameras kiddies.

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get your war on


Proof that all those people, worried about the death of political humor now that the Barry's in power, are just missing the point.

Get the latest news satire and funny videos at 236.com.

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collage a day


Buy one of these lovely collages for only $25 from collage a day artist, Randel Plowman.

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i'm not in the office right now


Hillarious translation snafu turns an out-of-office auto-reply into a road sign.

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so close to home


California's Channel Islands: courtesey craig1blackCalifornia's Channel Islands: courtesey craig1blackAn interesting story of survival when rescue was only just out of reach.

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batman onomatopeias


Gallery of batman onomatopeias.
I grew up watching LOTS of the old batman tv series and always loved these weird text graphics that accompanied every pratfall and fisticuff on the show.

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wassup then and now


Watch first and then watch below...


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regular as heck


I know it's hardly ground breaking to post a link to some more Sarah Palin bashing, but it's just oh so fun and this one from George Saunders made me giggle right in my smart box.